Entry Visa

Application for Entry Visa to Sudan


Please submit your visa application in the opening hours of the Consular Section:
Monday – Friday, between 09:00 – 12:00.


Requirements for Entry Visa to the Republic of the Sudan from the Embassy of the Republic of Sudan in Oslo:

Application Form (PDF)

Application Form (PDF)


  1. Download and fill out the visa application form.
  2. Attach two recent passport photos.
  3. Attach the applicant’s original passport with a copy thereof.
  4. The visa fee is KSh 5,100 (single entry) and KSh 30,600 (multiple entries 6 months)-per applicant. and  KSh61200 (multiple entries 1 year)
  5. If you are visiting Sudan for the purpose of tourism, you are kindly requested to contact an authorized Sudanese travel agency, which will send your entry visa permission to the Embassy.
  6. If you are visiting Sudan for the purpose of a family visit, you are kindly requested to fill in the full name, full address, and full telephone number of your contact in Sudan.
  7. If you are visiting Sudan for the purpose of business or humanitarian activities, you are kindly requested to inform your contact in Sudan to notify the Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  8. If you are visiting Sudan for the purpose of education, you are kindly requested to attach an admission letter from the university, or ask them to send it directly to our Embassy.
  9. The entry visa is valid for (60) days including the date of issue and it allows the person to stay in the country for (60) days including the day of his/her arrival. After arrival in the country, extension of stay can be applied for at the General Directorate the Passports, Immigration and Nationality, Ministry of Interior, Khartoum, Sudan. Those who wish to stay for employment in Sudan should contact their sponsors in Sudan to arrange for their 60 days entry visa at the same Directorate, which will pass the approval to us via the Foreign Ministry to issue the visa. After the travel to Sudan, their sponsors should apply for their Residency and multiple exits & return permit.
  10. Your passport must be valid for at least for 6 months at the time of applying.